Respecting nature goes far beyond admiring it. Our habits have a direct impact on its preservation. Joining fashion and sustainability is a spicy attitude, just like the Chilli Beans style. So, we created a way to reproduce the main materials used in our glasses and sunglasses.

The ecosystem of the collection reduces the impacts of waste on the environment. All materials used in this collection are either returned to the earth in natural processes or reused. In contemporary designs, with technology and a refined finish: Eco Chilli is as modern as you are!

Enjoy the materials of biodegradable acetate, meadow grass, and recycled acrylic. Launch a new reality!


Bio-acetate is the (re)evolution of the common acetate! It is a material produced from organic raw materials and is biodegradable. Its aesthetics and quality are maintained in the ecological version. It is differentiated by not receiving petroleum and other chemical treatments in its composition, which avoids damaging rivers and soil when discarded. In addition, the models produced by this material are super modern, lightweight, and comfortable!


Can you imagine wearing an accessory made of Meadow Grass? In the Eco Chilli collection, this raw material is transformed into resistant, non-aggressive, and very stylish glasses! Because it is natural, renewable and biodegradable, Meadow Grass grows and degrades easily in nature. The entire process is done without impacts to the ecosystem, with a high percentage of organic injection. The models of this material bring together concepts and trends!


Recycled acrylic brings the concept of crafted material, in an ecological initiative. It comes from the reuse of discarded common acrylic - which can take longer than 100 years to decompose. Composed by injection molding of recycled polymers (PMMA and acrylic), it renews its useful life in this collection’s accessories. It undergoes processes that bring the aesthetics and resistance of conventional injected parts. This proves that sustainability goes beyond using organic materials. It is possible to transform what already exists!