About Us

Chilli Beans was born in 1997 in a fashion alternative fair in Sao Paulo - Brazil with the proposal to reinvent the traditional way of selling sunglasses, that used to be locked in shop windows.

The brand idea creation was to bring the self-service concept to the field, with products on display so people could touch, try on and have fun.

The brand has changed the consumers' relationship with the eyewear segment and has enabled fans to have more than one piece for different wearing situations.

Innovation - It's what moves us.

The innovation was the basis of the fast-fashion concept, Chilli Beans flagship engine with weekly releases of sunglasses, prescription frames, and watches.

Today the brand is a leader in the eyewear and accessories segment in Latin America.

Music, Fashion & Art.

The music in Chilli Beans' DNA and the brand is garanteed presence at major music festivals such as Rock in Rio, Lollapalooza, Coachella, FYF, amoung others. Chilli Beans activations are always suprising and marked in general public memories.

Weekly Collections

Chilli Beans' design department is always aware of world fashion trends. Every year more than 500 suglasses models and 200 frames are launched. Each week more than 20 new products arrive in our stores.

Chilli Mob Cruise

The Chilli Mob Cruise is the largest offshore collective collaboration in Brazil. Every year the brand takes more than 4,000 people from all corners of Brazil and around the world to enjoy three intense days of music, artistic peformances and fashion shows. At Chilli Mob Cruise all the brand news for the year is firsthand.

The musician who became an Entrepreneur

Charismatic Caito Maia was a rock band musician and split his time between the cities of Sao Paulo and Los Angeles. The Venice Beach lifestyle was the inspiration for start of the sunglasses business.
Voted for one of the Decade CEOs by Consumidor Moderno magazine, today Caito Maia is one of the most requested speakers from the north to the south in the entrepreneurship segment. The businessman is also one of the Shark Tank hosts in Brazil's program.